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From our December Newsletter:

This is the time of year we are pushed to rush, rush, rush to be ready for the holidays with family and friends. We will enjoy special worship, family meals, parties, and sweets. Our normal schedules seem to fall apart, leaving little time for healthy activity. And just a week after Christmas, we will consider how we will resolve to make changes in our lives, often changes that help us build healthier habits in the coming year.

What if we adopted one change in this period of Advent as we prepare to welcome the Christ child who unites us all in one healthy body? Piggybacking is one strategy to make that new behavior a reality without the struggle to force an entirely new habit on yourself. Think tiny habit, rather than upheaval in your existing schedule.

We are encouraged to exercise 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week for health, but perhaps we truly do not have time or are not physically able to exercise that long that often. Rather than adopt the very challenging goal of immediately jumping to 30 minutes of exercise a day (a goal that might actually ensure failure because we are not prepared for it), why not “piggyback” by adding a shorter period of exercise to something we do regularly? Try adding a 5 minute walk after every meal and perhaps build to 10 minutes over time. By doing so, we might reach that difficult 30 minute daily target in no time. If you are not ready to walk even 5 minutes after a meal, add 5 minutes of standing rather than sitting, building to a short walk when you feel ready.

If you start the coffee pot first thing in the morning like I do, consider drinking a full glass of water while the coffee brews and perhaps another before each meal. Those piggybacks give us half of the recommended daily amount of water. Small changes add up to big results.

We plan to build our entire FCC LiveWell at Worship program by piggybacking on things that we already do well and fine-tuning to help us reach our congregational goals. Please join us as we continue on the journey to be the children of the God who created us to live well in care and concern for one another. And enjoy our healthy recipe this month on a day when you just can’t handle another turkey sandwich!

November 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLaura Getty