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The Beloved Community: A Night of Praise and Solidarity 704 Edwards Road, Greenville SC 29615

Sunday, January 8th, at 6:00 pm

 First Christian Church of Greenville

 is inviting all people who love the fellowship of the Creator and Created to join us at our community worship service. We will give thanks for the many individual and community blessings that were bestowed upon us in 2016, and usher in the spirit of praise and community solidarity for 2017.


We know that we are living in a time where the world, our country, our cities and towns are being pushed to the limits of human decency; our personal life is beseeched by conflict and distress; Depression and anxiety has become a way of life for so many of us; and we have become isolated from others. Our community has become so volatile and unstable that righteous indignation over the routine death of our youth (especially black youth) and law enforcement has all but vanished. Yet, even in these trying times our Creator calls for praise. In response, First Christian Church is here to offer this time of praise and worship that people (the poor, the wealthy, the homeless, black, and white, Hispanic, Christian, Jew, or Muslim) may come together in the spirit as one community in solidarity.


And if we are a community of solidarity, then there is solidarity in what we do in our quest for a better more righteous understanding way to communicate, in pursuit of justice to challenge and change unjust policies, in the protection of the least and the weakest of these, in the resetting of our moral compasses, in the spiritual understanding that all are created equal.


So we encourage all to attend to give praise to our Creator and become part of this community of solidarity.

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